This woman ‘proposed’ to Pak cricketer Ahmad Shahzad


If you are among the ones who think social media is where people go crazy trolling others or indulge in shameless narcissism on Instagram and Facebook, then you are wrong.

People also happened to write to their celebrity crushes and ended up dating each other! A trend that was famously set by Zara Larsson, who pledged her love to Brian H Whittaker, a model, on Twitter.

They ended up becoming real friends and are reportedly dating now. Her massively successful story resulted in people on Twitter using the same pick up line she used on Whittaker, including this Pakistani Twitter user, who goes by the handle name Hiraa Shaikhh, and proposed to cricketer Ahmad Shahzad.

She apparently tweeted to him asking, “Who are you where do you live how old are you why are you so fine how do you like your eggs cooked in the morning?” He responded with a Yes! Her fairy-tale love story was about to come true, you might think. Just that it did not.

Going by the pictures she shared on the micro-blogging site, the handsome Pakistani batsman blocked her from his verified account! She then posted screenshots of the series of events, along with a photo of Larsson and Whittaker together, and then captioned it “What did I do wrong”.