How This 17 Year Old Kashmiri Girl Got Into ‘Drug Addiction’ But Was. ..


Fazeela (name Changed) a 24 year old girl got used to drugs when she was 17 years old. She began with ‘glue sniffing’ for fun during her school days and moved to sedatives like pain killers and sleeping pills. At first I began to take 2 to 3 pills at one time then gradually I began to take 7- 10 pills.

For few months my parents didn’t observe the changes in me and suddenly on one night my mother got up during the night and heard me doing something. She knocked the door and I gobbled the pills quickly. When she entered the room, she cried and my father came into the room. I was not in my senses but I heard my mother crying and my father looking in shock. Till next morning I had no idea what might have happened.

My father without telling me anything took me to rehabilitation centre, khanyar and a doctor came up to me in an isolated room and began talking to me. He asked question like what is your hobby, where you want to go for tour, which dish you like, what are your favourite subjects and many more. At that time I hate to talk but after going to the rehab centre for months together, slightly I began to open up. I have been visiting this centre for almost 8 months of now and I am thankful to the doctors as well as to my parents that they have helped me to overcome the menace of drug addiction.
I got in this trap unknowingly. But now I have understood the value of life that Allah has given and value of my family. As a person I will try to bring those girls who are trapped in drug abuse. For this we need awareness and moral lessons. The police action on drug pedlars and availability of sedatives in markets needs to be checked. There must be a proper supervision. Otherwise this is impossible to stop down.

Excerpts from KO