Hidden Policies and Strategies are Being Implemented in Kashmir To abolish Special Status Of Kashmir: MOULANA HAMI


By Sheikh Rizwan 

Ganderbal 08/Aug/2017. With the Help of Political and Governmental Power Huge Number of Strategies and Policies are Being Implemented in Kashmir To Abolish the Special Status Of Kashmir.While Speaking at a Huge Gathering at Repora Ganderbal Hami Said that Some People for

Their Personal Gain are Providing a Cover To These Policies.Earlier GST implemented and Now now they are Trying To Abolish the Special Status Of Kashmir. The Time Has arrived That People Of Kashmir Should Unite and Stand to Protect Their Rights.Hami Said That We all Have To Follow The Path of Allah and Hazrat Muhammad Sallahualaiwasalam and to achieve Success.
Hami Further said that Briskness will Be Brought Into Anti Alcohol and Drugs Movement Launched By KARWANI ISLAMI INTERNATIONAL.

Hami said That the Human rights Organisations from all over the World hlHave become Mute Spectators and Everyday Innocent People are Killed.
At The End of His Speech Hami Stressed Upon The Unification Of Muslims All over The World